Starrfoxx's Storybook

Welcome to Starrfoxx's Storybook.  Here, you will find links to many different stories that I have written using some of the many games that I like to play.  Among these are stories that were featured on Sims Online Stratics.


The Sims

"The Michael Bachelor Progression Story"

(This is my story using Michael Bachelor as I progress through each expansion of The Sims starting with the original, base game.  This was two years in the making, and I progressed through each expansion at about 3-4 months.  Unfortunately, I am unable to update the story with the advancements I made through Superstar due the website errors on the original Sims site.  But eventually, this story will be made available here.  These links do not work very well with Mozilla Firefox, so use Internet Explorer)

Part One            Part Two


The Sims 2

"The Whitestar Legacy" (Read about Starrfoxx's ancestors!)

"The Kirk Family"  (The beginnings of my legacy neighborhood, Far West)

"The Williams Family"  (The Life and Love of Laticia Williams)


The Sims Online


"The Newbie's Guide To Calvin's Creek"

(This is a neat little story I came up with that started with The Sims and moved over to The Sims Online.   This is the link that goes to what I uploaded to The Sims site.  Soon, I will replace this link with the actual, separate "chapter" segments that were on Sims Online Stratics.  Use Internet Explorer for this link, rather than Firefox.)"

"Starrfoxx's Super Roadtrip Across Alphaville"

(This is the beloved story I did for Sims Online Stratics, which featured my main sim, Starrfoxx, as he traveled across Alphaville to many different types of lots.  This was my creative way to do feature articles every month for Stratics when Alphaville was a separate city.  All 15 of the original chapters of this series will be located here, and afterwards more are planned.)


The Legendary Storytellers

(This links to the old forum I had for my Everquest roleplaying guild.  Other members of the guild submitted their stories also based on the roleplaying get togethers we had.  The message board also includes stories from other games such as Everquest II and Star Wars Galaxies.   Eventually, the contents of this old forum will be moved to a new one that is specific to my website.)