Starrfoxx's Super Road Trip Across Alphaville

Hit the road Jac.... err, Starrfoxx.


Welcome to "Starrfoxx's Super Road Trip Across Alphaville" where your host, Starrfoxx, takes you on a fun road trip across the city of Alphavile in the game, The Sims Online.

The original idea behind this project was to find random and surprise places to visit in the game, so I would role a dice and use it to determine which direction I would "drive the car".  I would stop when I came upon a lot that was open.  It was more fun and interesting to find places that were not necessarily in the Top 100 popular lots.  At times, I would take side trips to go to lots I found very different and interesting.

This series of stories originally ran for 15 chapters on Sims Online Stratics.  I received several compliments about this series, and some asked to have their lots featured in the "road trip".  I had a lot of fun doing it, but had moments of Writer's Block where I wasn't feeling very creative and was also working a lot of overtime in my real life job at the time.  Once EA-Land was announced and that all the original cities would be merged into one great city, I began to lose interest in the series.  Eventually the merge happened, and I was feeling inspired to change my story to "Starrfoxx's Super Road Trip Across EA-Land".  By the time I was gearing up to bring my series back, EA announced it was bringing the game to an end.  I decided that I needed to make plans to create my own website and feature my series, plus it would serve as a nice memento to the wonderful times I had in The Sims Online.

But the road trip doesn't need to end at Chapter 15.  In fact, there are two stories I wrote for Stratics prior to coming up with the idea for the "road trip" series, and they will be slightly rewritten and included as Chapters 16 and 17.  Chapter 18 will be a revised story I wrote halfway during the original "road trip" series that was a special feature called "Alphaville in the Moonlight".  This standalone story entailed a "tour bus" that went to every sims house or lot that traveled on the tour bus.  It's a very treasured memory of my time in The Sims Online, and it will be included in my "road trip" series here on the website.

Finally, Chapters 19 and 20 will be about two lots that were originally planned for the road trip series on Stratics, but never made it due to time constraints.  Pictures and notes were taken, but nothing had been written at the time.  Those new stories will make their first appearance right here on my website!

And now it's time to proudly present:  "Starrfoxx's Super Road Trip Across Alphaville".


Chapter I:  "Simtastic Fortunes"

Chapter II: "Hanging With Bernie"

Chapter III:  "Friends of QueenMe"

Chapter IV: "Creativity With Brentwood"

Chapter V:  "PJ's Party"

Chapter VI: "Flight of the Super Plane"

Chapter VII:  "Memorial Celebrations By The Beach"

Chapter VIII: "Checkup At The Hospital"

Chapter IX:  "A Home Amongst The Town"

Chapter X: "Cruisin' Down Main Street"