Starrfoxx's Super Road Trip Across Alphaville
                                                                                           Chapter 8
                                                                                                                 Starrfoxx's car.
Although the Memorial Celebrations were fun, I have been feeling quite under the weather lately while on the road in Alphaville. I have had some trouble sleeping the past week, and I don't think getting shot by the cannon really helped matters. I think it's time to take break in the road trip and visit a doctor for a checkup.

Where the hospital is located.

Located in Imperial City within Alphaville

AVhopsital.gif (3768 bytes)

The Alphaville Hospital

I haven't seen anything quite like it while traveling around here in Alphaville, but I must say that I was very impressed with the complex. I figure I'll ask for a tour after getting myself checked out first. So, I entered the hospital and sat patiently in the waiting room. I wasn't the only one here, so The Alphaville Hospital is not short on patients or business.

The waiting room.

Another patient.

The time soon came when Nurse Christine called my name and asked me to follow her into one of the "checkup rooms". She asked me to lie down while she tended back to her other patients. Turns out there was an emergency that just came through the front door of a sim that was in labor! Once Nurse Christine was finished helping the sim give birth, she came back to tend to my health. I explained my trouble with getting sleep over the past week or so. I wasn't sure if anything was wrong, but she calmed my fears and stated that it is perfectly normal for someone who is overworked and stressed. I explained about the road trip I was doing, and she said that all that driving could be hard on my eyes. She prescribed some sleeping pills for me, which she said would help me get back on a normal sleeping pattern.
Being diagnosed for sleeping problems.

Paying the bill.

Well, it was time to pay the bill. Others were in the waiting room paying their bills as well. Nurse Christine was too busy to give me a tour of the complex, but she said feel free to look around and see what the hospital offered.
Dining area.
One of the first places I went to when touring around the facility was the dining room. Very spacious, and unlike most hospital food, the food here was very tasty. And I must say that the punch they had was... well... let's just say, it made me feel good.

The lab room.

Another room I went and visited was the medical laboratory. This is where the medicine is created.

The sickbay on level 2.

Finally, I went upstairs and saw the medical sickbay. This is what some places would consider the Emergency Room where the serious operations are performed.

All in all, The Alphaville Hospital is a well designed facility. Before I left to continue my trip, Nurse Christine informed me that she was retiring and taking it easy, so the hospital will be under new management and possibly a new design. One of these days, I'll need to return to this hospital if I'm ever feeling ill. But now, it's time to return to the Road Trip!

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