Starrfoxx's Super Road Trip Across Alphaville
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  The spotlight's signify and event!

Well, I’m back from Vacation Island and it’s time to continue my roadtrip across Alphaville. It’s Sim Memorial Day, and there are some spotlights on at one particular lot that is celebrating a grand opening. I picked up my "significant other", Demonslover, from her house and we drove together to the spotlight by the beach to join in the holiday celebrations.

Beachfont Romance

The courtyard.

We arrived in the neighborhood of Beach Front Sands, and the celebrations were definitely active here. KatythePrincess was taking care of all the guests, and giving out prizes for all different kinds of events. One such event was spending time and enjoying the facilities that she had to offer. Demonslover and I took advantage of the very relaxing and rather romantic hot tub.

Tub for Two

Another event going on was cash prizes for being shot by one of those "rare" cannons and surviving. These cannons helped us remember what our forefather sims did for all of us when fighting for freedom. KatythePrincess was the one behind the cannon, and she was very careful to load the cannon with material that would prove unharmful to us sims. There was no need for today’s sims to be experience the trauma that our forefathers had.

Loading the cannon.

Although the cannon was unharmful, it did scare the bladder out of the sims in line – including myself!


Perhaps some of the sims experienced a little "trauma", but all in all it was good fun – even if it was a little messy. Even so, one can always clean him or herself up afterwards and feel like a whole new sim by the end of the day. While, here I did get a chance to look at their swimming pool. I found it very interesting that one could get a workout swimming to the islands where they could do more "excercising" on a couple of fun, mechanical bulls and also dance cages. And after they’ve worked up a good sweat, they can cool themselves off in the pool as they swim on back.

Swim for a wild ride!

It was a great time. It’s time to get some rest and get ready for a new direction for my road trip. Remember those sims who passed before us. May we always remember them.

Originally published at Sims Online Stratics on Wed., 06/06/2006  at 02:52.