Starrfoxx's Super Road Trip Across Alphaville
                                                                                               Chapter 6

  Super Sky Trip Across Alphaville?

The road trip is about to take a bit of a break as I approach the private airport owned by Michele & Tristan Lewis in the neighborhood of Imperial City. This is where the Super Plane is parked, and I've learned that it is fueled up and ready to depart to Vacation Island. One of my favorite spots!

Located in Imperial City

Here's the Super Plane!

Super Plane!

A look at the Super Plane.

Once I arrived at the private airport, I took a look around before entering the plane. I noticed an amusing "pee til you drop" game which will keep some people entertained before the flight is ready to take off.

Pee Til You Drop contest

Ride the Bull!

Towards the rear of the landing pad, there is a mechanical bull. Notice the fireworks nearby. This is a great place for competitions and see who can stay on the longest. I'm not sure if I would want to stand near the hay when the fireworks go off, though. It would make for an interesting display, however.

Work on your charisma.

Off to the side, there is a section with mirrors for those who to work on their charismatic skills while waiting for the plane to depart.

Study, dance, or both before boarding.

There's even an area for reading, studying, and dancing.

Cannon display.

The cannons make an impressive display next to the Super Plane. Speaking of which, I better grab my ticket and get on board because it's about to depart without me!

The cockpit and food stations.

Now this is where the plane becomes more than just an ordinary plane, but a SUPER plane. Upon entering, I was close to the nose of the aircraft. Immediately, I saw a couple of canning stations to keep aspiring cooks busy during flight. Towards the front, I could see into the cockpit and the two computers that are used to operate the plane and get it programmed to its destination.

Enjoy a free movie during your flight.

I went ahead and took my seat in the cabin as the plane took off and climbed to 6000 feet. I'm not sure of the name, but we were watching an action/romance movie during takeoff. Once the plane was at level flight, we were allowed to move about the plane during the flight to Vacation Island, which is good because I was bored with the movie.

Rest comfortably and leave the flying to us.

Unlike other planes, the wings on the Super Plane are actually habitable. The plane's right wing contains a bedroom for the passengers who need rest. If I had watched more of that movie, I probably would need to rest.

Fun times await in the Super Plane!

Now here is where the fun is at: the left wing. No, it's nothing political. Actually, it's an entertainment room. There's a couple of War Tables here, some guitars for those who would like to perform, an exercise ball, and a "feel good" bubble machine. Now this really helps make time fly (hey look, a pun!).

Park your pets and grab a bite!

Moving to the rear of the aircraft, there is a section here for pets that you might want to bring with you. There's also some restrooms, and a small eatery here next to a beautiful fish tank.

All in all, if you are looking to fly in style across Simearth, then the Super Plane is definitely the only way to fly.

Originally published at Sims Online Stratics on Wed., 05/26/2006  at 02:42.