Starrfoxx's Super Road Trip Across Alphaville
                                                                                                Chapter 4
                                                                                                                 Starrfoxx's car.
After a good night’s rest, I got my stuff together and decided to head back south. After crossing the big river, I arrived at my next destination on Founder’s Island.

Where in Alphaville is Brentwood Creativity?  Here!

BrentwoodCreativity.gif (5002 bytes)

Located in the neighborhood of Express-Lane

Located in the neighborhood of Express-Lane, Brentwood Creativity is a great little place to build up your piano skills. I loved the architectural design of the place and how waterways were used to decorate the lot.

Take a swim to center stage where all will notice!

I had an enjoyable time practicing my skills here, and Brentwood was a great host and kept everyone fed. There is a special, concert island that one would have to swim to in order to play the concert piano. There’s even a place for a duet of singers to perform with the pianists.

The colors will take your mind off the pain of working out.

Now if swimming isn’t your idea of a nice workout when you are not playing, Brentwood also has a workout room here. It’s very colorful, but take care with your eyes and don’t stare at the walls too much. Just in case you do, there are places to sit down and rest your eyes for a moment… with them shut, of course..

A nice memorial.

There’s a very pretty memorial here as well surrounded by yellow daisies. I didn’t really see what it was for, but it’s definitely something worth seeing while resting from working on your skills. And if you were busy loosing your eyesight in the workout room, then looking at this will give them a much needed rest.

The dawn of yet another road trip.

My fingers are nice and sore, and my eyes are tired – probably from looking at the pretty colors in the workout room. So, I’ll go ahead and gather my gear and start the car up and see where I head to next. Be sure to look for another exciting chapter of "Starrfoxx's Super Road Trip Across Alphaville".

Originally published at Sims Online Stratics on Wed., 04/9/2006  at 17:28.