Starrfoxx's Super Road Trip Across Alphaville
                                                                                                Chapter 2
                                                                                                                 Starrfoxx's car.
This time I drove Northbound. I had to take a few ferrys to get across the rivers, but eventually I reached a new destination in the Addicted Neighborhood called...

Hanging With Bernie

Mystic Tree Farm

It was a long journey, so I was quite relieved to rest from my travels here at this store. It gave me a chance to browse around this huge store owned by maryann, -Teri and Amber Natasha'. The small farm of Mystic Trees was very refreshing to look at, and the fruit looks like it is almost ready for harvest. I noticed a lot of rare pet breeds in their cages that were fun to look at, so anyone looking to buy a rare pet may want to come here and check to see what they have. There's a lot to choose from.

Pets and more!

There's more than just rare pets to look at too. Weekend at Bernies also has items you may be looking for when setting up your own pizza joint, basic items for the home, vendor stands, clothes, and much much more. When you're looking to set up your lot for the weekend, then Weekend at Bernies is a good stop to make to find the things that you need.

Plenty of merchandise for sale!

Now that I'm fully rested and have done my window shopping, it's time to move on.  I think I'll head East. I see another place shining it's lights. Stay tuned for Chapter 3 of "Starfoxx's Super Road Trip Across Alphaville"!

Originally published at Sims Online Stratics on Wed., 03/29/2006  at 15:32.