Starrfoxx's Super Road Trip Across Alphaville
                                                                                                Chapter 10
                                                                                                                 Starrfoxx's car.
My journey continues across Alphaville, and this time I decided to drive to the very "heart" of this great city located in Downtown AV

Where you can find Main Street.

A bird's eye view

mainstreet.gif (3115 bytes)

Welcome to Main Street!

On one side of Main Street, you will notice that there is a diner, an office, a lounge, and room for shops. On the other side, there is the Mayor’s Mansion and a small park right next to it. The Mayor, Laura showed me around this exciting place.

The Main Street Restaurant.

First of all, the diner is simply a wonderful place to relax and eat. Great food at affordable prices. There’s even separate restrooms here for men and women; something you do not see very often in our big city. Mayor Laura showed me what was next door after she showed me some of the great food offered on the menu here. I was too excited to see the rest of Main Street, so I declined to eat for right now.

mainst2.JPG (41801 bytes)

The Office.

The office next door is a very comfortable place to get some work done. There are a couple of nice desks here with laptops where one can get some work done. Speaking of work, this would be a great time to start compiling my notes on what I've seen so far. Oh, oh! The laptops are in need of some software upgrades, and thankfully I had the software that was needed with me. So I whipped out my magic fingers and got to work upgrading.

Magic fingers repairing a broken laptop.

Playing a game of pool in the rec room.

After getting the laptops up and working, Laura took me next door to the lounge. The lounge is a great place to socialize over a game of pool while enjoying the warmth from the fireplace. There's even a pretty garden for those who want to step outside in between games or to just enjoy the smell of the roses.

Relaxing by the Main Street Fountain.

There’s a beautiful fountain here in the small park of Main Street, so I sat down and enjoyed the view. My stomach is growling at me, so I think I’ll grab a couple hot dogs at the stand nearby. I should've thought about having some of the food offered in the diner! Well, just as well, because the Mayor is ready to show me the final stop on this tour.

The Mayor's Mansion.

The Mayor's Library.

That final stop happens to be the Mayor’s Mansion, which has a great library for studying plus guest rooms for people needing to stay for a day or two.

I enjoyed my time here on Main Street, and it was nice to see where some of the "roots" of the great city of Alphaville come from. There was no gas station here, so I’ll need to find one soon as I continue my adventure across the city.

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