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On our radio show, we have several fun features that we have been running for over the past few years. Some of these features are rather new to "Starrfoxx's Super Radio Show".  Below, you will see a list of all the features we have played in order from the oldest to the latest.  Not every show will have all of these features, but some will have most of them and others will have part of them.



This is the very first feature we have had on the show since we started back in the days of "Blazin' Radio".  The reason this comes first is because we would play The Oracle at the very beginning of each radio show.  It was a way to advertise in a fun and interesting way of what was coming up.  Demonslover was the voice of Starrfire, although the voice was altered in post-production to make it surreal.  Although many of these segments were pre-recorded, we did not use The Oracle consistently throughout the life of the radio show.  Quite honestly, it took quite a bit of time just to create one of these segments and get it to sound just right.  The inspiration came from a similar segment from the animated series, "Final Fantasy Unlimited" and used the same music.



This is the next oldest feature we have had on the show.  It is as old as The Oracle, however, we were very consistent with always playing The Super Sim Song of the Day with the exception of a few times when taking a break.  The radio station we started on was made as a compliment for those who loved to listen to their favorite music while playing an online game called "The Sims Online".  Being a huge fan of "The Sims", we came up with the idea to feature a song from one of the many Sims games, because they can be quite amusing at times.  Plus, it was just something special to do for those who were fans of "The Sims".  We would play a new "Sims Song" each and every radio show.  After 12-14 songs, this would add up to being about an hour worth of Sims Music.  We then played a Super Sim Song Recap, which played all of those songs in the order we played them for an hour in addition with fun, trivia questions about The Sims.  On the next show, we began a new "volume" of Sims Music.  To this date, we have had 8 volumes worth of Super Sim Songs that have been played!



This is almost as old as the Super Sim Song of the Day!  About 1-2 weeks after we began our radio show on "Blazin' Radio", we started this new feature.  In our original, 3 hour show, we would play the Super Sim Song at the top of the 2nd hour, and the Fortune Cookie of the Day at the top of the third hour.  Demonslover was the inspiration for this new feature, because every time we went out for Chinese food and got a fortune cookie she had this funny idea from her youth  about putting the phrase "in bed" after the fortune.  This works for about 98% of all the fortunes we have ever come across.   So, Starrfoxx thought it would be funny enough to share with the listeners.   He used his vocal talent and recorded a segment using cartoonish voices that introduced a new fortune every show which was "Live from Tokyo, Japan!" .   This was done on purpose with humor, since Chinese Fortune Cookies are obviously not from Japan.  These segments were pre-recorded ahead of time, and we used different types of music during the segment across the lifespan of our radio show.   We used music from the games Mortal Kombat and Inuyasha, and also from a song by the 80's group, The Thompson Twins.



This is by far one of the strangest segments we've ever done.  Using sound effects, movie/television clips, and an odd "chant" by Eddie Murphy, Starrfoxx would introduce a "blesser" who would knock on the door, enter, make a wise-crack comment, and then "blessed" the show during the beginning of a song.  This segment was a "love it or hate it" part of the show that would be played consistently at times and at other times not.  The reason is the time it took to put one together.  It is unknown as to whether the listeners liked it, hated it, or paid much attention to it.   The inspiration for this segment came from Starrfoxx's childhood (1980's) in which a local DJ did the very same thing on one of the local radio stations.  The difference is that Starrfoxx has done more segments than the professional DJ ever did, and many of Starrfoxx's versions were funnier and had more riskier "sound clips" than what would have been played on professional radio.



This was a chance to "switch roles" and give Demonslover charge of the airwaves while Starrfoxx became the sidekick.  It was a chance to give Demonslover a chance to feature many varieties of popular music from Japan and other countries, as well as radio hits from America and Europe.  It started off being an hour feature in the middle of Starrfoxx's three hour show.  Eventually it turned into it's own radio show that would come on a separate night than Starrfoxx's show.  Demonslover would read entertaining emails she got, plus she would share odd things she has read or seen on the internet.  Plus she would share interesting life stories, or would just pick on Starrfoxx at times.  Currently on Insane Asylum Radio, it is part feature / part separate show, and it is being played during the third hour of "Starrfoxx & Demonslover".



This is a feature we did a few times throughout the life of our show, but it was not on a regular basis.  What we did is check the American Billboard charts, and we would so a Top 10 countdown which varied in theme.  One time, we did a Top 10 Modern Rock countdown.  Another was Country.  Yet another time, we did the Top 10 popular songs.  In any case, we had fun playing the latest and greatest tunes that were on the radio at that time.



This feature premiered towards the latter half of 2006 while we were on "Charmed Radio".   Starrfoxx would share real life moments that were odd, strange, and made him think . . . "whatever".  The inspiration for this segment came from the song "My United States of Whatever" by Liam Lynch, and it would use clips from the song to drive the segment forward.  It was very well received and loved by the loyal listeners, and it inspired another DJ later on to do his own version.



Essentially, this is "Stupid News".  Many radio stations do a segment like this and call it many things.  Instead of calling it stupid news, however, Starrfoxx wanted to refer to it differently as "stupid people doing stupid things".  To add to the humorous environment, Starrfoxx played music that could only be found on one of the DVD options of "The Muppet Show" Season One.  It was quirky and odd enough that it worked beautifully to create interest in the segment.



This segment came a week or so after "Stupid People" was started, and this was done to breathe some new "life" into the show as 2008 started.  In the first season of "The Muppet Show", fozzie bear would tell some funny and quick jokes/riddles.  It's a shame that this didn't last longer than one season, but they were amusing enough to use for our radio show just before we went live.  The segments were pre-recorded and Starrfoxx did his best to immitate Fozzy and Kermit to help blend everything together and work for our show.  On shows that were fully featured, the Fozzie Joke would be played after The Oracle and the first song.



You gotta love Statler and Waldorf, the two old hecklers from "The Muppet Show".  Their comments are normally very witty and entertaining, and they make a fitting end to Starrfoxx's Super Radio Show.   Final Thoughts were created during the same time as the Fozzie Joke.



This is one of the newest segments we started towards the end of Charmed Radio and when we switched over to Power Surge Radio and then Insane Asylum Radio.  Pink Kisses is a music segment which features a song from Pink Floyd followed by a "double shot" of two songs by Kiss.  Starrfoxx had twice more music from Kiss than Pink Floyd, so that was the inspiration for this original segment.  It was also a great way to get a lot of those "missed" tracks played from the 80's and early 90's career of Kiss -- something you will rarely hear on popular radio.  Perhaps for good reason, but it's still fun just the same.



Certainly.   Starrfoxx and Demonslover have had various ideas swarming around their heads, but haven't been able to creatively put them together into something that would work on a regular basis.  One such idea was a "Poetry Corner" featuring Demonslover as she would read a poem that either she wrote or perhaps one she read that she really liked.  The idea was that the poems would be odd and quirky.  Starrfoxx has had ideas of additional music segements similar to Pink Kisses, but he has found it hard to squeeze that into our current two hour show with everything else that is done.



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