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Starrfoxx's Memorial To a Beloved Game


Are you a fan of The Sims?  Do you already miss the fun things that were in The Sims Online, or perhaps you never had a chance to play it?  Below, you will find some special links to objects that have been extracted and retooled from The Sims Online that you can use in your offline version of The Sims.  The goal of this "memorial" is to have everything in one place, so that you don't have to look all over the internet to find your favorite things from The Sims Online.  There are a lot of files I need to go through, and I am taking care to convert these objects to be as close to the original files in TSO.  Other artists have converted objects from the game, and some were excellent and some not so excellent.


The Sims Online (New and Improved!) Happy Valentines Day! Happy St. Patrick's Day! Happy Halloween! Happy Thansgiving! Happy Holidays! Happy EA-Land!  Um, wait a moment . . .


Do you miss loading up The Sims Online, chatting with friends, and playing your sims with others?  Well, we probably won't ever be able to play online with our friends anymore (unless there is some amazing, revolutionary hack that is invented), so we'll have to settle for Second Best.   So here you are:  all of the original Sims Online splash pages including the beautifully made ones for the holidays!  And if by some chance you miss that ugly splash page from EA-Land, then that's here too.  Click on any image above to download a zip file including all of the splash pages, loading music, and instructions on how to install them in your own Sims Offline game.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find the very first TSO splash page before the New and Improved version came out.  If I do, I will update the zip file.  I also have plans to make special splash pages for each of the TSO cities such as Alphaville, Blazing Falls, Calvin's Creek, etc.  No, it's not The Sims Online, but it will sure seem like it when you load up your game.


Backwoods Bunkbed Military Bunkbed Space Cadet Bunk Bed


In the history of The Sims and even The Sims 2, there have never been any working bunkbeds for the game from Maxis.  The first ever game to have working bunkbeds was, The Sims Online.  Sure, people "made" bunkbeds as custom content, but only the bottom bunk ever worked.   It's always been a highly requested object from fans, and I'm proud to say that a very talented artist has extracted these objects from The Sims Online and spent a lot of time converting the coding and animation so that they will work correctly in The Sims offline game.  Peter Gould has given me permission to include links to his website, so that you can download these fine objects for your game.  Click on the image above, of the bed you would like to download.  Each Zip file has a version for the PC and the Macintosh.

Click here to go to Peter's website and get more cool stuff!


Roof Tiles from The Sims Online


These are the first files that I converted myself for The Sims offline.  You may have noticed that there were roof images located in the "The Sims Online\TSOClient\housedata\roofs" folder.   Most of these files, however, are in a 24 bit color and therefore do not work in the offline version.  A few worked by copying them over to The Sims, but a lot did not.  After I went in and converted each tile to 8 bit color, then all roof tiles began to work properly in the game.  A few of these roof tiles are duplicates of ones already in The Sims, but many are not.  Now you can replicate the roofs you used to have in TSO, including replicating any cool roof art that you may have had!

Click on the image above to download a zip file containing all roof tiles from TSO converted for the The Sims.


TSO Founder Territorial Marker from EA-Land EA-Land Founder Territorial Marker Sims Online 4th Year Anniversary Gift Test Center Territorial Marker from EA-Land Test Center 3 (TC3) Territorial Marker from EA-Land
What comes up when your sim "views" the object. What comes up when your sim "views" the object. What comes up when your sim "views" the object. What comes up when your sim "views" the object. What comes up when your sim "views" the object.


Alphaville Territorial Marker from EA-Land Betaville Territorial Marker from EA-Land Calvin's Creek Territorial Marker from EA-Land Dan's Grove Territorial Marker from EA-Land Dragon's Cove Territorial Marker from EA-Land
What comes up when your sim "views" the object. What comes up when your sim "views" the object. What comes up when your sim "views" the object. What comes up when your sim "views" the object. What comes up when your sim "views" the object.
East Jerome Territorial Marker from EA-Land Fancey Fields Territorial Marker from EA-Land Interhogan Territorial Marker from EA-Land Jolly Pines Territorial Marker from EA-Land Mt. Fuji Territorial Marker from EA-Land
What comes up when your sim "views" the object. What comes up when your sim "views" the object. What comes up when your sim "views" the object. What comes up when your sim "views" the object. What comes up when your sim "views" the object.


The Territorial Markers are based on the original landmark object from The Sims Online which allowed you to write a message on it for visitors to read.  During the Beta of EA-Land, the developers made special versions of that same object which would be given out to existing players once EA-Land went Live.  The game was shut down before it happened, but the objects were available to buy at the EA Store in game during the last few weeks that it was online.  Above, you will find the markers that were planned for TSO Founders, EA-Land Founders, members of the original legacy cities before the "big merge", and finally the TSO 4th Year Anniversary Gift.  The objects work just like they did in TSO -- your sim can "view" it and read a special message.  Also, these objects have a room score of 3, which match the price of other items in the Sims catalog.


EA-Land Founder Plaque


Here is the EA-Land Founder Plaque, which was meant for the founder of EA-Land when it went "Live" -- which never happened.  They did release this object in the EA Store shortly before closing the game down, however.  It does not require any expansions, and it gives a room score of 6.


"Haiku in Beige" Wall Paper "In Deep Haiku" Wall Treatment "Himalayan Jungle" Wall Paper "Flora Byzantia" Damask Wall Panels "Arborea Byzantia" Damask Wall Treatment Catacombs Wall Paper Sepulcher Wall Treatment Stage Right Curtain
Center Stage Curtain Stage Left Curtain "Argus" Wall Paper "Argus Insomnolus" Wall Treatment "Lucky Draw" Wall Decor "Lovely Consolation" Wall Decor "Verdure Grande" Damask Wall Panel "Verdure Entimbere" Damask Wall Panel
"Visible Goth" Wall Paper "Dry Creak" Wall Treatment "Peaches and Scream" Wall Paper "Undertaken" Wall Treatment "Mesmeralda" Wall Paper "Moda Emeralda" Wall Treatment "Upside-downscale" Wall Paper "Rainbow Horde" Wall Treatment
"Inverted Extrusion" Wall Paper "Subdued Exaggeration" Wall Paper "Sirocco Cubismo" Wall Paper "Cubismo Sirocco" Wall Treatment "Archonic" Wall Covering "Desert Teal" Wall Covering False Archway "Stellar Deeps" Wall Paper
Swiss White Stucco Swiss Wood Paneling "Woven Rainbow" Wall Paper "Steel Weave" Wall Paper


Here are all of the wallpaper files from TSO.   Many are already in the offline game either in the base or one of the expansions.   However, there are many wallpaper files that were exclusive only to The Sims Online, and those files are featured above.  I've noticed by looking through these files that the TSO exclusive wallpapers are priced at $1.  Any other price has turned out to be a copy from the offline game.  I'll be working on a FAR file that combines everything into one download along with a table of all the wallpaper used in TSO and what expansions they came from, unless they are TSO exclusive.  Copy these files into your "\The Sims\GameData\Walls" folder.


"Shogunate" Tile Ronin Tile Mas Monas Tile "Jigsaw Jumbo" Carpet "Jigsaw Jumble" Carpet "Jigsaw Jamboree" Carpet "Jigsaw Jambalaya" Carpet
"Starbelle" Carpet "Belle Star" Carpet "Crisp Lattice" Tile "Fleur de Levant" Carpet "Interloco" Carpet "Levantine Mystery" Tile "Oasis in Stone" Tile
"Ornata" Carpet "Insala Mista Verde" Carpet "Autumn Wind" Carpet


Here are all of the floor tiles that were exclusive only to The Sims Online.  There's not many, but they are nice to have for the Sims collector.   Note, the "Ronin Tile" above (also called "asian02.flr") needs repair.  It does work in Offline Sims, however, the edges are messed up.  Ironically, this tile looked just as bad in TSO too which is probably why you didn't see it used much.  Once I get the Ronin Tile fixed, I will combine all of these into a FAR file and include a reference table of all the tiles used in TSO and what expansions they came from.  Copy these files into your "\The Sims\GameData\Floors" folder.


Simmy Red Simmy Blue Simmy


Are you a founder of The Sims Online who misses that wonderful gift that we got when the game finally went live?   Perhaps you are a Sims / TSO fan that never got a chance to own one of these rare objects?  Well, now you can have them for your very own offline game!  The Founder's Simmy in the original colors of silver, red, and blue work just like any statue with a room score of 3.  Children can even view it!  This is an excellent piece of Sims Online history!


Oaken Awning Rockin' Moroccan Awning Sullivan's Island Thatch Awning French Post Awning


These are the exclusive awnings that were in TSO, but not in regular Sims.  The first three awnings have a room score of 3 just like in TSO.  The French Post Awning, I believe, is an exclusive item that was never released in TSO.  It had no catalog description and a price of $1, so I fixed those to match closely with a similiar awning from Sims Vacation.


Red Shirt with Yellow Tie (Starrfoxx's first outfit!) Purple shirt with purple tie (Starrfoxx's second outfit) Gold Shirt with Red Tie (Starrfoxx's outfit in TC3) Blue Shirt and Tan Pants  (Starrfoxx's third outfit) Light red shirt with dark green pants (Starrfoxx's 4th outfit) Red Kilt (Starrfoxx's 5th outfit and most requested)


Ah yes, so many types of clothes.  In "The Sims" we call them "skins", and "The Sims Online" had many that were exclusive and never before seen in the offline version.   Above are the six outfits that I used in the game.  All of them were used in Alphaville with exception to the "gold shirt with red tie", which I wore in Test Center 3.  I converted these skins first for my own game, but I will be converting more skins over the next several weeks.  The files have been slightly renamed, so that it will cause no conflicts in your offline game.  Place these skins in your "\The Sims\GameData\Skins" folder.