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Welcome everyone to my corner of the universe.  This website is a "work in progress" and it will be updated continuously, adding new features and so forth.

On this site, I will have sections for my radio show which is currently on, original artwork, music, and stories I have written for the various games I have played.  Most notably, the stories I wrote for The Sims games will be here, which include links to the Sims and Sims 2 websites and also feature a special place here for the stories I wrote for Stratics in the past.  Also on this site will be a special, memorial page for THE SIMS ONLINE which has passed on to the "Great Gamer God" in the Sky.

You can contact me via Yahoo IM at "von_shep".  You can also email me at "".

Major Updates as of Nov. 15, 2008

*  Four awnings from TSO have been added, all TSO wallpaper and tiles are available for download, and some skins from TSO are now converted for offline Sims.
*  Chapters 4-10 of Starrfoxx's Road Trip Across Alphaville are now up.
*  Some updates were made to the radio show page.


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